The Australian Calisthenics Federation (ACF) defines these age groups. Age limits are set on the age a participant will be on 31 December of each year.

Action currently offers the following classes:
  • Cali Kinda 4 years and under (Non-competitive) – not offered in 2022
  • Tinies 5 to 7 years (Competitive)
  • Sub-Juniors 8 to 10 years (Competitive) commencing the year they turn 8
  • Juniors 11 to 13 years (Competitive) commencing the year they turn 11
  • Intermediates 14 to 17 years (Competitive) commencing the year they turn 14
  • Seniors 18 years and up (Competitive) commencing the year they turn 18

Class Times

Kippax Training Venue

  • Tinies - Monday 4.30-5.30pm
  • Sub Juniors - Thursday, 5.00-7.00pm
  • Juniors - Tuesday 5.30-7.30pm
  • Intermediates - Wednesday 5.30-8.00pm
  • Seniors - Monday 6.30-8.30pm

Team Management

Each age group has its own management team that comprises of a Coach, Assistant Coach, Cadets, Team Manager and Costume Manager.

If you need to see your Team Manager, please do so at the beginning of class or half an hour before the end of class. It becomes very frantic at the end of class, so this is not an opportune time to discuss matters of importance.

Class Format

Each week teams work to learn choreography, enhance their flexibility and improve strength and core stability. Each class is facilitated by an accredited coach who each hold a current first aid certificate.

Important Information

As Calisthenics is a team sport every member of the team is important. Items have a minimum of eight in a team. This is a competition requirement and any less than that will result in penalty points.

Calisthenics is different to other sports where a participant can be substituted for another player if they are away for a game or competition. In a calisthenic team each person learns the routine from a specific position on the stage and each team often learns different routines, it is difficult to swap people around at the last moment.

The commitment to the team is for the entire calisthenics season (February to September/October).

It is important for parents and participants to understand the role each team member has in their team and if a team is missing someone at a competition then the whole team is affected and penalised.

To avoid any problems, it is imperative that both team managers and coaches be advised as soon as possible if a participant will be absent for a competition. This will help ensure that any team selections are made early enough so that team members will not be disadvantaged.

Classes begin on time and it is requested you arrive at least 5 mins early. You will need to bring your clubs, rod and aesthetic skirt to each class. We also ask that each team members provide a piece of fruit to share in the snack break.

Calisthenics is a healthy sport and as such Action encourages healthy eating habits. Please do not bring biscuits or lollies as they will not be served. A bottle of water is important to keep hydrated.

Remove all jewellery as a safety precaution. Please dress appropriately for a dance class e.g. leotard and tights or tight fitted clothes. If you are unsure, please ask your coach or a manager.

At the end of class, team members are not allowed to leave unaccompanied. Team members are not permitted outside alone at any time.